Writing Water Pollution Paragraph For Hsc

Answer: When water is contaminated by dirt, dust, waterborne vehicles, etc., it is called water pollution. Water is a vital element of our environment. But day by day it is getting polluted in various ways. People pollute the water by throwing waste. Farmers use chemicals that mix with river, canal and pond water. Mills pollute the water by dumping toxic chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals. Waterborne vehicles pollute river water by dumping oil, food waste and human waste. Unhygienic toilets and latrines are located on the banks of rivers and canals which are responsible for water pollution. Water pollution has many bad consequences. Contaminated water is extremely harmful to health. After drinking contaminated water, many people often run away with water-borne rage. Water-borne water also damages fish and plants. So, this is the best time to reduce pollution. Public awareness should be increased. The media can play an important role in this.

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