The Significance Of 7th March Speech Paragraph

The Significance Of 7th March Speech Paragraph is most is the most inspirational paragraph for every students. Every students should read this paragraph and memories this.

The Significance Of 7th March Speech Paragraph

The significance of the speech of Bangabandhu on March 7 is immense in the history of Bengalis and Bangladesh. On hearing Bangabandhu’s speech on March 7, the oppressed Bengalis erupted in excitement and the non-cooperation movement intensified across the country.

It was this speech that gave the Bengali nation a clear direction of independence. All over the country, schools, colleges, universities, offices-courts, banks-insurance, industrial establishments, vehicles were all shut down. The country became almost immobile.

The Pakistani military government is also facing a dangerous situation. Since then, a terrible situation has arisen in Pakistan. Only movement and movement across the country. Under the direction of Bangabandhu, the Bengalis continued to carry out the movement and the slogan of independence became popular all around.

After Bangabandhu’s speech on March 7, the Bengalis built forts from house to house, ready to fight the enemy with whatever they had. The agitated mob resisted the Pakistanis. From the beginning of this movement the Bengalis jumped into the war of independence.

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Independence was snatched at the cost of three million lives. A new red-green sun rose in the sky of Bengal. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s historic speech on March 7 is an authentic document in the history of Bengal. This speech encouraged the Bengali nation to jump into the war of independence and aroused desire.

The importance of this speech worldwide is immense. This groundbreaking speech shook the foundations of the Pakistani rulers. In this speech, Bangabandhu said, “We cannot keep seven crore people under pressure.”

These seven words of the speech of March 7 made the Bengali nation helpless. Inspired by this speech, the heroic Bengalis fought valiantly and liberated their beloved motherland Bangladesh in exchange for blood.


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