Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh Paragraph For SSC, HSC

The Rohingyas are the people who came to Bangladesh after being tortured by the Myanmar government. Bangladesh is struggling to meet the basic needs of a large number of refugees. Today, those known as the “Rohingya” are mainly from the state of Arakan in Myanmar. About nine lakh Rohingyas have already come to Bangladesh after being subjected to horrific tortures like murder, rape, arson etc. Although the government of Bangladesh has tried to solve the problem with the help of various organizations and countries, many people are living in extreme poverty. Various international circles, including the Bangladesh government, are pressuring Myanmar to take back these Rohingyas and give them opportunities like ordinary citizens. But so far no solution has been reached. The ‘Rohingya problem’ is killing the lives of a people on the one hand and creating temporary and long-term problems for Bangladesh on the other. If this problem is not solved very soon, Bangladesh will be in great danger. Thinking of humanity, the world should come forward to take the necessary steps to solve this problem quickly.

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