Rohingya Crisis In Bangladesh Paragraph With PDF

Answer: Rohingya crisis is one of the biggest crisis in Asia. Bangladesh is struggling to provide shelter and adequate facilities to this huge population who are victims of humanitarian catastrophe. The Rohingya are a community living in the western part of Myanmar (Rakhine State). Most of them are Muslims. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have been deported from Myanmar to Bangladesh as a result of communal attacks by the extremist Rakhine people and the Myanmar army’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ campaign. As a densely populated low-income country, it is difficult for Bangladesh to shelter this huge population for a long time. Even after that, the government of Bangladesh has sincerely stood by the oppressed people. Realizing the depth of the Rohingya crisis, various parties have become proactive in resolving it. The Bangladesh government is increasing diplomatic pressure on Myanmar to repatriate Rohingya. The Rohingya crisis is now a major global issue. Bangladesh is facing major risks in these two issues of economy and security. In the interest of independence, sovereignty and security, Bangladesh must take a strong stand in this regard.

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