Population Growth In Bangladesh Paragraph For All Student’s

Population Growth In Bangladesh Paragraph is very important paragraph. It has come in many competitive exam. Again many board exam. So you need to memories this. Moreover, It is a beautiful paragraph to memories. And I am write this in easy word.

Population Growth In Bangladesh Paragraph

The population problem is a terrible problem in our national life. Although the resources of our country have not increased, the population is increasing rapidly and our standard of living is not increasing as expected. More population is responsible for the misery and poverty of Bangladesh. As a result of population growth, the amount of our agricultural land is decreasing and unemployment is increasing in the country.

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Agricultural land is being used to build houses to meet the needs of the growing population. According to the 2001 census, the number of households in Bangladesh was two crore 48 lakh 50 thousand. According to the 2011 census, the number of homesteads has increased to 3 crore 21 lakh 83 thousand 830. Additional people are building new cities and new roads are being built as the size of the old cities is increasing and the population is increasing. Among the reasons for population growth in our country are eighty, child marriage, polygamy, tendency to have more children, religious orthodoxy, superstition etc.

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If the people of the country can be turned into a conquered nation and given an idea of ​​the enormity of their population growth, then of course it will be possible to imagine the speed of the window. When the people of the country are educated, they become aware of the problems of the country and the nation. Child marriage and polygamy should be stopped by enacting laws. Although the government has already enacted laws to stop child marriage, the law is not being strictly enforced in most cases.

Polygamy is now going on at a steady pace. It is very important to stop it by law. It’s raining. In order to slow down the pace of population growth, more importance should be given to adult education and mass education. Hopefully, the government. Introducing enough awareness about the subject. Gradually, religious orthodoxy and superstition became less and less prevalent.

The present government has taken various steps to curb the rising population growth of the country. But not only the government is looking to take, the educated and socially conscious citizens of the country also have to play an effective role in this regard. Sakal Samiti will be able to solve the population problem of Bangladesh.

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