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(paragraph on Internet) With the blessing of science, the communication system of the world has become so first that now a man one part of the world can communicate through internet with a person of another part in a second. Internet communiction is the latest invention in the communication system, Now a man just pushing the keys of a camputer can communicate anywhere he wishes.

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A student sitting in his reading room can use the London library and can collect his necessary information, a businessman can see the condition of the world market just by being in his bedroom. Internet communication is now the fastest communication in the world. A telephone line connects with a computer and like telephone number, internet communication is also maintained by its own number.


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To get appropriate information a person has to communicate in the appropriate internet number. Now a man can make friendship with a person of another part of the world. And even a person can choose his/ her life partner through internet communication. Internet communication is a boon of modern science.

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