Writing Human Rights Paragraph For HSC In Easy Word

Human rights paragraph for hsc student, It is very valuable paragraph. By this, we can see the bad uses of power in our country. Again, the crime of powerful people and more

Human Rights Paragraph For HSC

The word, ‘rights’ is inextricably linked with the human life. No human being can live normal life without a degradation. Every human being needs certain rights to survive as human being. But people are being deprived of rights. In the greed for the power, people are depriving others of their rights and satisfying their interests.

Powerful people are depriving people of their rights by seizing the power, violating the rules of the constitution. Due to these reasons, human beings are being deprived of human rights, and the countrymen are bowing their heads in the court of the world.

On the day of such catastrophe, all classes of people including the common people of the country have to come forward. The government must helps all classes of people to protect the country from powerful criminal gangs. Only then will human rights be protected to the desired the level worldwide.

Human Rights Paragraph fo HSc 2

Human right means the rights of human. With basic rights, and every rights include in the human right. However, the issue of human rights largely depends on the country, time and person. For the example, what is human right for one is not human right for another. What is human right for one a country may not be human right for another.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1947. From ancient times the people have been divided and quarreled over race, religion, caste, tribe etc. And That is why the Charter of Human Rights has been created to build peace and order in the world. Again The oldest law in the world was compiled by King Hamburari of Babylon.

He introduced the oldest line of human rights in his rules more than two thousand years before Christ. Then in the ‘Medina Charter’ prepared by the Holy Prophet Muhammad on the 7th of Christianity, full recognition of the equal rights of all citizen irrespective of race, religion and caste is found. Magna Carta was made in England in 1215 AD.

So the word ‘right’ is inextricably linked with human life. But We want every human being to have rights irrespective of rich, poor, race, caste, tribe. But human rights are being violated in many countries of the world including Bangladesh. The right to human life is a serious matter.

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I have written this paragraph in 2 or more para. And, I use more para to make this post beautiful. But you need to write this paragraph in one para. And, this is the rule of writing paragraph in a exam. So write in one para a whole paragraph and get more number in exam.

The enforcement of the law to protect human rights

  • 1. People have to be dependent on the law.
  • 2. The law must be supported overall.
  • 3. Everyone needs to be aware of their rights.
  • 4. Be aware of their right to vote and refrain from the fraudulent voting.
  • 5. People needs to be made aware through the legislation.
  • 6. Persecuted people must take the refuge in the law.
  • 7. The government must has goodwill to protect human rights.

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