Writing Female Education Paragraph For JSC, SSC, HSC And Honor’s

Female Education Paragraph is one the most important paragraph for ssc exam. The paragraph has come in many year of ssc and hsc exam

Female Education Paragraph For JSC And SSC

Female education means the education to female. It is not satisfactory in Bangladesh. In the past, females are restricted in a house, they are only used for house work. They were deprived of getting the education. Because of the social prejudice, they couldn’t live freedom and couldn’t join any volunteer work. Now, the ideas have changed but their luck. Accordingly, they are encouraging to study and admitting them in the school, the college and universities.

In our country, females are behind of the education and awareness. The literacy rate of our country is 65.5% where the female literacy rate is about 30%. Educated the mother can gift us educated nation. To see without an illiteracy country, we need to think the 100% of the literacy rate of female. Again, If every mother will educate, then no other student will be uneducated.

Educated the female can also be helped family in financially. Though our government has made the female education a mandatory up to class 11, still we need to take a more step to the female education.

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Female Education Paragraph For HSC

Female education means educating the female. In the present, educated the female are making equal contribution at home and abroad. Educated female can do all the work of family, job, politics together. For example, the head of the government of ouar country and the leader of the opposition are both women, and the speaker is also a woman. There are also women prime ministers in other countries.

Therefore, the government has to take various steps regarding women’s education. Undoubtedly, the steps taken by the government to expand women’s education are commendable. To expand women’s education, the government has made arrangements for unpaid the female’s education, provided stipends for girls, and introduced adult women’s education centers to educate older women.

Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain was the one who contributed to the liberation of the besieged inhabitants of Bangladesh and the liberation of women from the inner city. The contribution of women’s education is much behind the increase in the rate of education in the country.

Educated women today are advancing at the same pace as men at home and abroad. And women are accelerating men’s work by inspiring men’s work. Women have been leaving their mark of competence alongside men in all fields. Women’s education is making women aware of their rights. So want women’s education for the welfare of the country and the nation.

Female Education Paragraph For Honor’s

Female education means education to a nation. Because, if a nation wants to be educated, it needs an educated mother first. An educated mother can educate her child well. Moreover, in order to maintain its existence and build a successful and beautiful national life, it is necessary to focus on female’s education. So men as well as women have to be educated. Through education a woman can make herself worthy.

Female contribute more than male in education. Because every child grows up in his mother’s lap. The mother spends much more time behind the child than the father. As a result, the child develops in the ideal of the mother. Only an educated mother can bring up her child in good education. Referring to the influence of women in education, Napoleon said, ‘Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation.

Therefore, in the overall development of the country and the nation, women’s education must be given priority. Educated women are one of the tools to fulfill the biggest interests of the nation. Although women in our country generally considered as housewives and mothers, they have come a long way today. Women have a special role to play in building a peaceful society by maintaining happiness and peace in family life as well.

Only an educated woman can keep the happiness, peace, income and prosperity of the world in order. Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. And we want an ideal mother to raise these children. If children do not develop into ideals, the nation will soon be destroyed. Women’s education needed to raise an ideal child as an ideal mother. Women’s education is invaluable in gifting an educated nation to the next generation and improving national life.

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Important Question

What should be done to spread females education?

  • Necessary educational institutions should be set up for the expansion of females education.
  • Female need to ensure social security.
  • Students need to be careful not to be isolated.
  • Parents should be made aware about the education of girls.
  • Stipends for women’s education should be used properly.

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