Writing Education In Bangladesh Paragraph

Answer: At present the education system of Bangladesh is expanding but the quality of education is continuously deteriorating. With the development of a large number of private schools, colleges and universities, questions are being raised about the quality of education. The management and quality of secondary education is being severely criticized. There is a lack of qualifications in teaching and learning at both secondary and higher secondary levels. Due to the poverty and inconsistency in education, the students pass the exams as if they are using illegal methods to get a degree. Students are becoming dependent on coaching centers. According to experts, despite the increase in pass rate, the quality of education has declined and there is a significant lack of practical education. It is only a matter of time before a crisis-free education system is introduced in Bangladesh. The education system needs to be developed by changing the system and making the conventional system realistic and free from corruption. Development in national life will be possible only if education in Bangladesh can be improved in terms of quality.

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