Writing Dengue Fever Paragraph In Easy Word

Dengue fever paragraph is a very important paragraph for every competitive exam. So, every students neeed to memories this paragraph.

Dengue Fever Paragraph

Dengue fever is the classical or hemorrhagic type of acute fever caused by the attack of dengue virus in human body. Recently, there has been an outbreak of dengue fever in Bangladesh. And the carrier of this rage is a special kind of mosquito called ‘Aedes’.

Although there is a lot of panic about dengue fever in this country, there is no reason to be afraid. Its remedy and prevention is much easier even sure. Dengue fever first appeared in 180 in the US state of Philadelphia. Then in 1922 it became epidemic in the states of Texas and Louisiana in the United States.

In Australia in 1928 and in 1928 People die of dengue fever in Greece. The first dengue virus was identified in Asia and the Pacific during World War II. In 1944. Albert Martin discovered the dengue virus. Severe stage of dengue Dengue hemorrhagic fever. And this fever is most prevalent in South-East Asia.

In 1980, the prevalence of hemorrhagic fever increased in more than 90 countries around the world. In 1961, the fever again spread to Venezuela. According to a report by the World Health Organization, about 40-45 million people worldwide are infected with dengue fever each year.

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Many lives have been snatched by the terrible dengue fever. In the age of medical science success, such an untimely death is not desirable. So we all need to be vigilant so that the precious life is not lost due to dengue fever.

Dengue Fever Paragraph (2)

Dengue fever is a type of AIDS mosquito-borne RNA flabe virus. This fever is usually of two types. Namely- Classical Dengue Fever and Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever. There are 4 types of dengue virus. These include DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4.

Dengue can be caused by 8 types. However, among these are deadly DEN-2, DEN-3. These two types of dengue virus are the cause of hemorrhagic dengue fever. Aedes carries the dengue virus of two species, Aedipetai and Aedes alapitus. They carry human blood for breeding in this season.

This is because human blood is the best food for hatching their eggs. And while eating blood, the dengue virus enters the body of the mosquito. As a result, the mosquito becomes poisonous and if someone is bitten, it gets dengue fever. In case of dengue fever, our main task is to seek the help of a doctor and take preventive measures.

The following measures can be taken for this. 1. Aedes mosquitoes are carriers of dengue fever, so the control of carrier mosquitoes is the main way to prevent dengue fever. 2. Aedes mosquitoes lay their eggs in water frozen in flower tubs, unused containers, drums, coconut garlands, car tires, etc. at home.

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These water storage areas have to be destroyed. 3. The water in the house should be cleaned regularly. 4. Aedes mosquitoes bite during the day, so you need to use mosquito nets while sleeping during the day. 5. If dengue is suspected, a doctor’s advice should be taken.

Dengue Fever Paragraph (3)

Just as the modern science and the technology have brought about radical changes in the field of medicine, new deadly diseases are also appearing in the world. the dengue fever is such deadly rage. The failure to provides the timely treatment to the person suffering from this rage causes serious difficulties.

An even death can happens at any time. Symptoms of the classical dengue fever include the high fever (usually up to 108/105 Fahrenheit). The vomiting, the abdominal pain, the headache, the back pain, the joint pain, the pain behind the eyes, etc. 

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In this case the bone pain is so severe that it seems that the bone is broken. This is why this fever is called, ‘the brake brain fever.” Allergic rashes can occur on the skin of the body in many cases. These rashes sometimes cause the itching.

Dengue Fever In Bangladesh Paragraph

The first case of dengue fever was reported in Bangladesh in 1974. A team of Thai experts first identified dengue fever in Bangladesh. In the case of this fever, the experts could not identify the cause and named it ‘Dhaka Fever’. Later, experts identified various causes and symptoms of the disease and named it dengue fever in 1984.

After 1984, dengue fever re-emerged in Bangladesh in June 1999 and August 2000. However, in 2000, it took a deadly turn. Every year since 2000, more or less dengue fever has been reported in Bangladesh. However, as a result of human awareness and treatment, it could not take a definite shape.

There is no specific treatment for dengue fever. Both classical and hemorrhagic dengue fever should be treated according to medical symptoms. 1. Classical dengue fever usually goes away in 7 days. In this case the treatment has to be done according to the symptoms. Such as- for pain Paracetamol, Stimitil for vomiting.

In addition, dengue fever has to drink a lot of water. 2. In case of hemorrhagic dengue fever, the patient should be admitted to the hospital. The patient’s blood platelet count and PCT should be checked every day. In hemorrhagic dengue fever, the platelet count of the patient may decrease.

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If the platelet count drops below 10,000, the patient will have to undergo intravenous platelet transfusion. And if there is direct bleeding of rage, then rage has to be given blood. Aspirin should not be given for the pain of dengue fever. Because, it increases the tendency of bleeding.


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