Write A Coronavirus/Covid-19 Paragraph In 200 Word

Coronavirus/Covid-19 paragraph is the most important paragraph for now. Because, It’s the most talking topics now. It can come in many exam.

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Paragraph

Coronavirus is a virus which is killing people around the world. It infects person to person. Firstly, It was found in Wuhan city of China. Then, It spreads all over the world. The reports of 16 march 2021, 2.66 millions of people die by this virus in worldwide. Again, 120 million people infected by this virus. These cases and deaths are increasing day by day.

It’s mostly affects in Italy, United States and many western countries. Over 5 lakh people die in America which is the most death in country. And the most death rate country is Italy, Mexico, Brazil, UK, US. Most common symptoms of the corona virus are the fever, dry cough, tiredness. And there are three serious symptoms of this virus.

These are the difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech and movement. People need to go isolation after having these symptoms. To safe from the covid-19 people need to wear mask when they go outside. Again, stay safe from affected people.

And properly wash hand by soap. Moreover, always stay clean and healthy. Finally, the main step to stay safe from the covid-19 is growing up the immune system. Because, It mostly affects these whose the immune system down.

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For writing a good content, we write this paragraph covid-19 in english in two or more para. But you need to write in one para.

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