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This composition aim in life is a very important composition for s.s.c and h.s.c exam. So, memories the composition aim in life

Composition Aim in Life

Introduction: This world is like a sea to a young man. There are so many paths or courses open to him. He Stumbies In his way of life. So every man should have a aim or goal. A man without an aim is a ship without any rudder. He cannot reach his goal. In his early life he should choose what profession he is going to adopt in future. But choice of a profession is a very difficult task.

Different types of aims: Aim is different person by person. Some people wants to be a doctor, some people wants to be a government officer and others to be teachers, journalists and so on. People choose their profession according to their interest.

My aim : Like most of the people, I had an aim in life. Since my boyhood, I had a strong ambition to become a journalist. It is due to my father’s influence that have decided to take to this career. My father is a journalist in a national electronic media.

Reason of choice: Now the present era is the era of media and information.It is the journalists who shows the nation the real picture of everything. So much of the public interest depends on him. The journalist publish the news of terrorism, corruption, nepotism and crime. A journalist can help the nation a lot. Besides journalism is a profession of hardcore challenges and thrills. The challenges and thrills of this profession also charm me to take up this profession.

Preparation: I am now a student of Dakhil. I shall try my best to cut a good figure in Dakhil and Alim examination. After my Alim examination shall take preparation tor admission test into Dhaka University. I shall get myself admitted into the department of journalism and complete BA honours and MA from there.

How to serve the nation: A think, an honest journalist can help the country a lot in many ways. He can play a vital role in a country by this passion. He helps the police arrest the criminals. So an honest journalist is a very important person. I want to be an honest journalist and help the nation.


Conclusion: Right choice of aim is an important fact to reach goal. pray to Allah that l may lead this ideal life and serve the country and countrymen to the best of my ability. I must not forget that him who serves man serves God.

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