Writing Child Labour In Bangladesh Paragraph

Answer: Child labour is one of the major problems in developing countries including Bangladesh. If a child is made to work from childhood without any opportunity to go to school, it is called child labour. There are several reasons for child labour. The main cause of poverty. Children have to engage themselves in various risky activities to earn their living. Lack of awareness among parents is another reason for the increase in child labour. Moreover, social and cultural traditions and children’s own desires are responsible for child labour. Child labour has many negative consequences. It hinders our socio-economic development. A large portion of the entire population is turned over due to child labour. If they could be educated, they could contribute to the country. In any case, effective measures must be taken to stop child labour. International child labour law must be implemented. The government must take steps to educate poor children. Public awareness must be raised. In this way Bangladesh can get rid of the curse of child labour.

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