Writing Child Labor Paragraph For Hsc Students

Child labor paragraph for hsc is written in two or more para. But you need to write this whole paragraph in one para. And this is the rule of writing paragraph in exam.

Child Labor Paragraph For Hsc

Today’s child is the worthy citizen of tomorrow. But if that child is deprived of proper education and health, then it is an irreparable loss for the nation. Many children in our country have to work hard to survive at the age when a child is supposed to go to school with a book. There are many child laborers in this poverty stricken country.

Unplanned population growth is the main reason. Due to the large number of children, the parents failed to support them and put them to work. On the other hand, some selfish people do hard and risky work with child labor in exchange for low wages, often food. The children work in bus stands, railway stations, restaurants and various factories.

At a young age, many children die prematurely due to overwork and lack of proper nutrition. A child who could develop his talent and work for the country cannot do so because he is deprived of opportunities. Many are handicapped. These children are also involved in begging, stealing, cutting pockets.

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The combined efforts of the government of the country, public welfare organizations, conscious civil society can stop child labor, wipe away the filth of sorrow of the holy child according to flowers and put a smile on his face. That smile can free this nation from the curse of child labor. We all pledge to ensure the rights of every child.

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Today’s child is the leader of the nation in the future. So children as conscious and skilled citizens and worthy heirs. On average, oil is our responsibility. In developed countries, children are cared for in this way, thinking about their future prospects. But the children of our country do not get much care but go down in earning.

At present child labor has created complex problems in our country. Child labor is an inhumane social problem. We have to take conscious steps to tackle this problem. There are many child laborers all over the world including Bangladesh. According to the research of CSID, the number of child laborers in our country has been declining in the last ten years.

Ten years ago, the number of child laborers in Bangladesh was 49 lakh, now it has come down to about 25 lakh. According to the ILO report, there are about 160 million child laborers in the world. About 90 million of them are involved in hazardous labor. About half of child laborers are female children. Most of them are doing housework.

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Child labor is any kind of physical and mental labor at an early age. All children are immature and immature. As the age increases, so does the demand. Children from poor and middle class families do not get everything they need. As a result, they earn at an early age.

Stately, the age of a child in Bangladesh has been fixed up to 18 years. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) have declared that any form of physical and mental labor up to the age of eighteen is child labor and that all forms of labor should be refrained from at that age.

In different countries including Bangladesh, poor families are always short of money. As a result, it is not possible to meet the needs of the world in anything. Children are forced to go down to earn. Parents cannot send their children to school due to scarcity, they have to send their children to work at an early age.

As a result, children are being engaged in hard work at an early age. He is earning a little by working hard. According to the elders, children are also taking part in various activities. Florists, porters, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, bus helpers, brick breakers, dirt cleaners, polythene and vat collection, drug carriers, hotel workers, weavers, garment workers are children today.

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