Writing A Book Fair Paragraph For PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC and Honor’s

Book Fair paragraph is very important for every competitive exam in Bangladesh. It has come in many recent exam. Specially, It is very important for ssc and hsc exam.


A Book Fair Paragraph

A book fair is fair of joy. Students come to fair to buy books. There are lots of books are available in the fair. There are Poems, Culture, and Adventure book etc. are display to sell. Students come here to buy books with their taste. There are many book stalls in the fair. Every book stalls have lots of book -s in different category. It’s encourage students to become a writer. You can get almost every book in a book fair. There are so many new books which are published by new writer. The fair is not for sell -ing books. It held for encourage students.


A Book Fair Paragraph

A book fair is a fair where businessmen display the -ir product to sell. They don’t display their product not only for sale, but also increase the sale. In book fair, businessmen are come to sell books. They make a stall according to their choice, and they display books as students can attract. Students crowded to the stalls to make their choices and buy books according to their taste. In a fair, there are so many book stalls and huge collected of books.

The largest book fair is held in Bangla Academy Premises every year. There are a teams to arrange and manage the book fair. They fully decorate the fair beautifully. In fact, they are the administrator of the fair. They can decorate the fair however they want. By the way, book fair is a place of joy and entertainment. There are so many attractive and entertaining books. You can give an attractive book to your special person. So, a book fair is a fair of knowledge and entertainment.

A Book Fair Paragraph

Fair is a joyful event where peoples come to enjoy and spend their valuable time. Book fair is kind of fair which was held for selling books and inspiring to create a new writer. It held on almost every city and towns. 21 February of every year is the common day of held the fair. Among all fair, book fair is recently origin in our country. Nowadays, It has becoming more popular. Many students crowded there to see and buy books. Last year, I bought two books from a book fair of Bangla Academy Premises. The name of these book is ‘Opekkha’ and ‘Bohorupi.”

Visiting a book fair is very enjoyable for every student. Because There are lots of books in many categories. There are Poems, Cultural, Adventure and many category books of different writers. It can inspire students to become a writer. In the fair, we can see many new writer. They inspire us to become a writer. The main visitor of a book is students, teachers, writers and book lovers. They come to the fair with their different expect and taste. And, They fulfill their expect and taste by the fair. The main reason for a book fair isn’t to sell books, but display books and inspire students in writing.


A book Fair Paragraph

A book fair is a fair of selling books. It’s a very joyful fair. Many bookseller come to make a book stall in the fair. People come here to buy books from the stall of book fair. I visited a book fair in 21 February last year and enjoyed the book fair very much. I wen’t to the book fair with some of my close friends. They also love visiting book fair. By the way, we went the fair which was held in Bangla Academy Premises. The fair was decorated by books. As a result, It looked very attractive. There were minimum 200 books stall and how many books were there I couldn’t imagine. The books like Nobel, Poem, History, Adventure, Cultural etc. There are so many people crowded there to buy books from the stalls. So, It’s a fair of knowledge where everyone can get it.

The most attractive scene I like a seminar which was held Besides a tree. I wen’t there and listened speech of some new writer. The speech was very beautiful. In the seminar, the speaker told us about the importance of book fair. Again, the importance of reading books. I bought some books of Rabindranath Thakor. I also bought some books of Adventure and Cultural book. Furthermore, I want to buy more book but I couldn’t. Because I didn’t have lots of money. At the end of the day, we prepared to return to home. But our heart didn’t permit us. By the way, We returned home in the evening. We have enjoyed very much in the fair. The memorable day of the fair is unforgettable.

Ekushey Book Fair Paragraph

A book fair is a show where different writers book are displayed and sold. It’s very popular for book lovers. Many people come to buy new published book from ‘Ekushey Book Fair’ which usually held in the Bangla Academy Premises. Anyone can see thousands of variety new and old books. There are so many different category books of history, literature, culture, sports and religion. The literary books are story, poem, novel, jokes and drama, etc.

Among all the books, the best-selling books is, ‘Shesher Kobita’ which was written by Rabindranath Thakore. We can see pen, pencil, paper, poster , snacks and many items in this fair. It has become a great attraction for the educated and cultured people. Young boys and girls come here to find out their favorite books. It gives a great opportunity for the writers to published books. It also creates the habit of reading and loving books. When people are in fair they feel very excited.


  • Write a paragragraph in para of your exam paper or other.
  • We published this paragraph 2 or 3 para to make this paragraph beautiful.
  • But the rule of writing paragraph is write in one para.

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People Asking This Question

What is the full meaning of book fair?

Book fair means the fair where we can get knowledge. 

What is the attractive point of a book fair?

The seminar is the attractive point of it. Here you can learn many things and see many wise man.

What is the common place to hold a book fair?

Towns and Cities are the most common place to hold a book fair.

Where held the largest book fair of Bangladesh ?

The largest book fair of Bangladesh is held in Bangla Academy Premises.

How many bookshop are available in a book fair?

Minimum 500 bookshop are available in a book fair.

How many books are available in a book fair?

It’s not possible to count how many books are available.

How many books are available in a bookshop?

Minimum thousand books are available in a shop.

How a book fair inspire students?

In a book fair, there are too many books. There are many entertaining and adventures book which is loved a student. Visiting it by a student students, They can inspire to read books.

Why a book Fair held?

It is held for inspiring people read books also inspire to become a writer.

Why should we go to book fair?

As a student, we need to go. Because It creates the habit to reading books. Again, Here we can meet many famous writer. They are the crown of a nation. We can share our knowledge with them and get advice.

Is book fair different from other fair?

Yes, It’s different from other fair. But, there are no so many from other fair. Here, you can enjoy like a other fair.

Is book fair only for students?

No, It is not only for students. It’s for all people who can go. 

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